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Antimony, periodic table 5-A group of the element. Icon Sb. 51. in the periodic table of elements. Atomic number 51. Melting point 630, boiling point is the degree of 1380.

Natural antimony sulfide (Sb2S3). Metal-like, and can easily be broken in the dust that can be brought to the state of silver-white solid. Antimony derivatives as an expectorant medicine kullanilir.kimyada also used in alloys. Organic salts laysmaniyoz vebilharzyoz effective in the treatment of maddelerdir.ayrica battery is also known to have used.

Liquid antimony time was frozen marin and in the middle of the shape of a star.

In turkey, Balikesir, Kutahya, Bursa, turkey, Sivas, Izmir and the province of Tokat is removed. Ammo in the construction, glass and ceramics industry, and used for coloring.

On earth, the battery is used as raw material in production of

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